Who We Are

Benedetti Mobili was incorporated in 1968, in the same place where it still stands today. Over the years it has expanded to cover more than 8,000 square metres, and its brand, which is a leader in the sector, is present on the international markets.

Sergio Benedetti, its founder, has pursued this growth project with well-defined objectives, including the enhancement not only of the products but also the territory of which it forms a part.

The company now produces a wide range of wardrobes and night-time elements, all characterised by quality, original aesthetic lines and environmental sustainability.


Made in Tuscany

The territory of Tuscany, which saw the birth of Benedetti Mobili, and also witnessed its growth, has represented an optimal substrate, given that the company has been able to draw inspiration from its beauty and its tradition, capturing the characteristic elements of Tuscany and projecting them into a contemporary context.

That’s why Benedetti Mobili made the ethical decision to remain in the area and to enhance it, without ever relocating any production processes and without ever losing the skills accrued.


50th Anniversary

Fifty years mark an important goal: they prove that Benedetti Mobili has acquired great experience, remarkable technical knowledge, and a sure taste for design. And of course, the reliability that makes it unique.

The anniversary event was celebrated in some of the most beautiful and characteristic venues of Tuscany, in a friendly atmosphere where guests certainly appreciated the spirit of this anniversary that has sealed not only a past filled with memories, but above all, a future filled with prospects and projects.