Benedetti Quality

Benedetti Mobili only uses materials that comply with European health standards, and it selects wood, double-panelling plywood, vinyl glue, and water-based paints because they ensure naturalness and environmental sustainability.

Wood is a natural, sturdy and ecological material, with the best characteristics for ensuring the durability and functionality of a piece of furniture. The double-panelling plywood consists of a perimeter structure created with boards of fir wood, on which panels of different types are applied depending on the processes. Vinyl glue does not contain formaldehyde. Water-based paints are odourless and non-flammable and represent excellence in ecological terms among the products on the market.

The characteristics of the materials chosen for the processing emphasise the attention paid by Benedetti Mobili to the environment and humans.

“Made-To-Measure” In Series

Benedetti Mobili’s experience makes it possible for every space to become an opportunity and the dimensions of the environment to become a strength. This design flexibility also makes the standard wardrobes authentic made-to-measure products.

The company’s know-how has optimised dimensions and construction results, always offering the best solution: wardrobes with hinged and sliding doors, or built-in wardrobes, with the insertion of columns, corner unit and diagonal and made to measure cuts.

The versatility of the projects finds the best example in the Walk-in wardrobes. Designed to enhance the space, they create completely personalised and diversified furnishings depending on the aesthetic lines and materials used.

The Benedetti Method

The construction techniques of Benedetti Mobili have solid foundations in craftsmanship reinterpreted by innovation and constant research.

The accuracy of the system is exemplified by the pre-assembly carried out in the company for each product, aimed at guaranteeing its perfect functionality.

The choice of materials also complies with the goal of producing quality furnishings, with the best possible features for ensuring durability, safety and environmental sustainability.

The Benedetti Style

Benedetti Mobili has always carried out careful research for identifying original aesthetic lines, focusing on cutting-edge design and offering a wide range of wardrobes.

The finishes, the painting techniques and the surface rendering are varied and original: some derive from the reinterpretation of the highest craftmade tradition, while others offer tactile and contemporary solutions, the result of innovative techniques.

The doors can be lined with various materials, from leather to marble, mirrors or elements resulting from a constant search for the new and the beautiful.

Even the interior spaces can be created with numerous accessories that make the wardrobe functional and personalised, and which compete to give added value to the whole. The décor therefore speaks our language and corresponds to our lifestyle.